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Merchant Accounts for Non Profit Organizations

Once a non-profit organization has made the decision to accept credit cards, they usually have two choices in order to set up processing options. Firstly, they could set up a payment processing scheme through a traditional merchant account provider . They would then have to use a third-party to manage their tax filing and online advertising. This is usually the simplest and cheapest option after the initial installation. It allows non-profit organizations to only pay for the necessary features it requires. The other option in this case is to use a processing solution that does it all. This may include payment processing, tax filling, billing etc. Although this option may result in higher rates it does save you time. The reason being that most of these kinds of providers use a preferred credit card processor . Therefore users cannot search for better rates if they are not completely satisfied by the contract. Due to their donation type model, non-profit organizations have a gen

All You Must Know About High Risk Credit Card Processing | Pros and Cons

There are many facts you need to know about high risk creditcard processing . Getting a high risk merchant account from a bank which offers high risk merchant services is your first step. It is the first move towards accepting credit card payments online. Low risk and high risk are the two types of merchant accounts. A high risk payment processor becomes necessary once you or the business you are processing an account for is thought to be risky. Many merchant account service providers still prefer high risk credit card processing despite the risk. This is because it has many advantages despite also having some disadvantages. Pros of High Risk Credit Card Processing Even though most people consider the high risk to be a negative, it still offers some or all of the following positive value; *Chargeback not intimidating: In comparison to high risk credit card processing, normal merchant accounts get appraised to have lesser chargeback. But the long term consequences of low r

Selling Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services | Overview

Selling credit card processing can be lucrative, but it also comes with some potential pitfalls. Going into it you need to be aware of them before considering taking on this as your next career. As for why you might want to get into selling merchant services that is the obvious part. All companies, great and small, need to be able to process credit card payments and other forms of payments quickly and easily. In today’s market, few people pay with dollars and cents anymore. Instead, there are a whole host of electronic monies that are increasingly used and are being diversified. Further, businesses, even those with their own accounting departments, tend to not handle transactions. Instead, those are left to separate companies equipped to handle the thousands of deals that can occur on a daily basis in some areas. Because they do not handle such things, those outlets that do rightly take a percentage of each sale, and that is where you come in as a perspective vendor of credit card

Offshore Merchant Services

Many реорlе аrе іntеrеѕtеd іn ways tо rеduсе their current tax lіаbіlіtу with the сurrеnt buѕіnеѕѕ they have. Thеу mау bе соnсеrnеd аbоut ways tо mоvе ѕоmе оf thеіr assets оffѕhоrе wіthоut рublіс nоtіfісаtіоn. Sоmе реорlе are interested іn setting up a nеw business, uѕuаllу on the Intеrnеt, аnd thеу need a way to ассерt сrеdіt оrdеrѕ. Nо matter whаt уоur rеԛuіrеmеnt, аn Offѕhоrе Mеrсhаnt Account mау bе whаt уоu nееd. A merchant ассоunt іѕ a fасіlіtу that allows you tо accept сrеdіt саrd оrdеrѕ from уоur сuѕtоmеrѕ оnlіnе оr offline. Sо whаt іѕ thе mаіn аdvаntаgе оf аn о ffѕhоrе mеrсhаnt account vѕ а lосаl оnе? Onе thіng that іѕ certainly truе аbоut the glоbаl сrеdіt саrd buѕіnеѕѕ, іѕ that іt hаѕ become very соmреtіtіvе. Aѕ a соnѕumеr, уоu wіll knоw that іntеrеѕt rаtеѕ сhаrgеd on сrеdіt card balances have come down. Yеt, thеrе are ѕtіll рrоblеmѕ fоr the соmmоn ѕmаll buѕіnеѕѕmаn wanting tо ѕеt uр hіѕ оr hеr оwn merchant ассоunt. One mаjоr рrоblеm іѕ thе merchant аррlіса

Merchant Cash Advance | Business Funding Options

Gеnеrаllу, small buѕіnеѕѕеѕ lооk for dіffеrеnt ѕоurсеѕ of fіnаnсіng аnd ѕоmеtіmеѕ there are сhаnсеѕ that thеу mіght be rеjесtеd оf a bаnk loan. In ѕuсh a саѕе, the mеrсhаnt саѕh advance can bе the great аltеrnаtіvе tо thеm. If thе buѕіnеѕѕ іѕ in іmmеdіаtе nееd fоr cash and if thеrе іѕ a cash flow рrоblеm, thіѕ саn be the grеаt аltеrnаtіvе tо thеm. Evеn thоugh, some уеаrѕ аgо, banks wеrе somewhat lіbеrаl, аftеr thе rесеѕѕіоn, сrеdіt hаѕ gotten tighter. Rесеntlу, the banks, іrrеѕресtіvе of whеthеr they are small or large, аrе recommended tо іnсrеаѕе thеіr lending tо ѕmаll businesses fоr ѕtіmulаtіng thе economy and to ѕрееd uр their recovery process. Dо you know, how a merchant саѕh advance wоrkѕ?  Lеt uѕ find out hеrе: Whеn a соmраnу gеtѕ a mеrсhаnt саѕh advance , thе trаdе is something соnnесtеd with the рrосurеmеnt аnd selling оf futurе credit card income. Here, nо regular fіxеd рауmеntѕ wіll bе rеԛuіrеd bу the соmраnу. A сеrtаіn percentage оf mоnеу frоm thе сrеdіt саrd ѕаl

What is the process to apply for Merchant Account?

Are you planning to open a merchant account in order to attract potential customers who prefer to pay for goods purchased through their credit or debit card? Most of the professional merchant account providers check the current credit score, reputation and even the type of business that the applicant runs. Below are discussed some of the basic steps to open a merchant account in a proper manner. Make sure to check your credit score: Before applying for a merchant account, it will be wise for you to check your current credit score in the market. It will certainly be wise for you to clear all the unpaid accounts in order to improve your credit score and thereby enable the processing of the merchant account application in a convenient way. Choose a merchant account provider: The next important step is to choose reputed merchant account provider. You can either apply for merchant account through online or visit the office of reputed merchant account provider. It will be wise for

Best Low Cost Merchant Service Provider | Best Merchant Account Rates

With so much to shoulder just to keep your business running, I’m sure you feel like you’re going in a hundred different directions all at once. Improving your products, offering good customers service and finding ways to attract new customers are just some of the priorities you probably balance day in and day out. Running a profitable business in today’s competitive economy is no easy task. Finding a solid merchant services provider that offers full-service can certainly make doing business a whole lot easier. Take a moment to find out how Shaw Merchant Group can get you set up with a user-friendly merchant account that will transform your business in ways that will amaze you. Why Choose Shaw Merchant Group We can get you organized with an easily affordable merchant account very quickly. Our staff can get your business set up to accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as EBT cards. You will be able to process them immediately with funds being deposited right into yo

Merchant Services Appointment Setting

Are you a business owner that gets bombed daily by sales calls? Maybe you are a Merchant Services Agent that goes to speak to those merchants. Either way both parties usually are dissatisfied with the experience. I have been in the Merchant Services industry for well over 10 years. I've been successful overall but it has not been without pitfalls. When I entered into the merchant industry I came from a retail sales background (11 years in the wireless phone business) where customers came to me to buy products and all I had to do was try to maximize the sale. Being from this type of background it made it hard for me to try and break into the merchant service business without some help. I knew the earning potential could be great because I had a roommate at the time that literally went from rags to riches in less then two years. This guy went from driving an old Honda Accord to driving exotic cars. This is what gave me the drive to change careers. So, where do I start? I went

Payanywhere Storefront Tablet Point of Sale Systems

( PRICING UPDATE : Be sure to contact us today and get the details on the North American Bancard EDGE Program - The EDGE Cash Discount Program will wipe out ALL fees so you will no longer have to pay for processing credit/debit cards. PayAnywhere is a popular aggregator for merchant services that offers quality mobile solutions for various storefronts as well as for face to face type POS services. One of the major features that make PayAnywhere a popular service throughout the world is the free equipment that also includes tablet. This service was invented by North American Bancard and it serves merchants with an ability to accept payments via PayPal, American Express, VISA as well as Mastercard for various product and services. NAB has introduced this quality service in year 2011 but the POS type storefront scheme was offered in late 2014; with this offer PayAnywhere became first choice of all users as it provides free equipment that incorporates tablet as well as a card

Merchant Account Explained

Businesses, no matter what their size is, need to be able to create merchant accounts that will allow them to take in credit card payments . It is a must in today’s increasingly cashless economy. These merchant accounts are what make a business able to take in these alternative forms of payment with ease. The money comes in, the commissions are paid to those who set up the account for you, and thus the profit is made. To be clear, the money does not stay in these accounts. Rather, it is simply a placeholder while the transaction takes place and everyone gets his or her rightful payments. And all this take place at the speed of data. Of course, the payments are not doled out unless the funds are verified on every end. Doing so is simply smart business practice. Though this process might take up to two days in order to make sure the money is true, if you are taking in multiple payments it will make for a constant stream of profits to be flowing into your bottom line. Thus every day

Quality "High Risk Merchant Services Agent Program"

Merchant services sales agents love to include something special in their merchant business. Shaw Merchant Group gives various services including high risk merchant service for all types of merchants. Getting a perfect merchant services partner for your business is quite important. As the guidelines in underwriting of any traditional processors become more strict, you will get more declines of new merchant applications. It has taken years to place your merchants getting services for their credit card processing needs, hasn’t it? To learn about this program you should know 2 major factors in this kind of service. You can learn it here actually. Partnering With SMG First of all, Shaw Merchant Group helps you to get accounts approved easily. They have a network of merchant services ISO’s as well as over 79 banks all over the world. It means that you can place most businesses worldwide. They will approve almost any application that you have submitted. In fact, they have a list of

Selling Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services | Pros and Cons

Going to businesses and getting them signed up for credit card processing is a potentially great career to do if you understand the risks involved.  Like anything else you do in life, you need to be aware of everything that will be expected of you.  Assuming you are making the correct choice, it can be a profitable enterprise for you.  One of the main reasons why it could be such a great move is because all companies, great and small, need to be able to process credit card and other alternative forms of payment in our increasingly cashless society.  In this modern era we do almost everything electronically, and our in person transactions are typically done with a plastic card.  Due to this myriad of new styles of payments, most companies do not expend the time and effort needed to keep track of all these things.  That is where you come into play.  As a purveyor of credit card processing and merchant services, you will not only be able to assist companies with their day-to-day ope

Merchant Services Training Program

When it comes to learning how to sell merchant services you may be surprised what I found. I found that most merchant services providers that hire sales agents do not provide quality merchant services sales training to new sales agents. Also, I noticed that this is one of the main reasons why a high percentage of new agents fail in getting started in the credit card processing industry. I've been in the industry and have worked for some of the top merchant services providers and have had the chance to see the pros and cons of their training programs. When I first got into the merchant services business I had to learn it on my own. I was handed a training packet and expected to read and become a seasoned merchant services sales agent. Well in turn I want not very successful working for this merchant processing company. I knew the earning potential was huge in the credit card processing business and wanted to do what ever it took to make good money selling merchant accounts.

Starting a Credit Card Processing Company

Starting any kind of business has some basic steps to get registered with your state as an official credit card processing company. In Oregon where I am from this processes cost $100 to re-new per year. With this being said I want to jump right into how to go about 1 . You will want to start by researching businesses in your area and evaluate who your competition is. The credit card processing business is typically riddled with competition across the United States. Because of this you will want to find a marketing plan that sets you apart from other credit card processing businesses in your area. As an example maybe your company could specialize in business cash advances which goes hand in hand with credit card processing. Leading in with something like this will set you apart from other credit card processors that simply say they will save the merchant money. The merchant hears this type of pitch every day and makes it easy for the merchant to say no to your offer. 2 . Af

Merchant Account Agent Programs | Overview

As a merchant services agent, are you looking for a better program? Do you need the best merchant account agent program available on the market?  Shaw Merchant Group  is the answer to your question. The following discussion will convince you why we are the best at what we do. Qualities of a good high-risk merchant services agent program It is important to choose the right high-risk partner for your merchant services business. Two important factors to consider in high-risk merchant services agent programs include: 1.        Getting accounts approved A good merchant services agent program should be able to place any business since they should have banks and ISOs available across the world. They should strive to approve every application submitted to them by agents. 2.        Getting paid A good merchant services agent program should be able to pay residuals at the right time. Some offer programs that allow agents get upfront commissions from high-risk accounts.