Avoiding Merchant Credit Card Processing Fees

If you are a merchant or own a business, then you know firsthand about credit card processing fees. While customers may not see that the business they are in is charged for the payments that they accept, you know very well that merchant credit card processing fees are not insignificant. While 3-5% doesn’t sound like a lot, it very much adds up and over time, it can have a heavy impact on profitability and margin. If you want to increase your margin and gain more control over how much you pay to accept payments, then there are definitely ways that you can do so. The savvy merchant works with their processor to find out how they can reduce credit card processing fees, gain more margin, and achieve a competitive advantage over their regional, national, and global industry rivals.

What are merchant credit card processing fees?

Though many merchants are already familiar with what exactly credit card fees are, it is helpful in the context of the conversation to go over what exactly you are paying for when you pay credit card processing fees and how they impact your business. Almost every merchant out there has a need to accept credit cards as payment. This is something that is typically unavoidable from a big-picture perspective.

When a business accepts credit cards as payment, there is a cost associated. The merchant must use a merchant services or credit card processing company that specializes in helping businesses accept payments so that they can cater to their customers that want to pay with digital means. This service isn’t free. Credit card processing fees are the cost associated with accepting a credit card payment from a customer. This typically ranges in percentage, but is most often between 3-5% of each transaction.

What is the downside to paying credit card processing fees?

There’s no doubt that paying credit card fees is an unavoidable occurrence that must happen at any given point when accepting payments. A credit card processor does provide a lot of value for a business and enables the business to accept payments, which is an essential part of what they do. However, there are some negatives that come along with having to pay credit card fees. Here are just some of the reasons that many merchants look to decrease the amount in credit card fees that they pay and why so many merchants are harmed by credit card fees as a whole.

Customer Relationship

When you have to pay credit card processing fees on each payment that you accept, it leads to you having to increase prices across the board to make up for that fee. Just to keep up with what you consider to be an acceptable margin, you may have to increase your prices several times to adjust for inflation and fee increases. As a result, this can easily cause the customer-business relationship to fracture and become damaged. If you want to preserve your relationship with your customers and continue to have a positive relationship with them, then you undoubtedly want to find a way to avoid credit card processing fees.

Lower Margin

Another side effect of paying more credit card processing fees is that your margin for your products will be lower. For those that operate on a low margin already, this can alter the course of a business altogether. Credit card processing fees are no longer a negligible line item. If you want to be competitive in your industry and match the prices of others, you need to explore every avenue possible that could lead to a lower amount of your transactions paid in credit card processing fees. With a lower margin, your business will be less likely to thrive and be price competitive, especially in industries that already have a low margin on their products and services.

Lower Cash Flow

In business, cash flow is everything. Cash flow is what enables you to pursue opportunities, invest in your business, and maintain a healthy balance in your business bank account. In short, if you want to have a successful business, then you need a healthy cash flow. When you are paying 3-5% of your transactions in credit card processing fees, this can lower your cash flow and harm your ability to pursue the investments and opportunities that you need to improve your business and move it forward.

Can you avoid credit card processing fees?

One of the first questions that many business owners have is whether it is possible to avoid credit card fees when you own a business. For the most part, you will need to pay credit card processing fees in one way or another regardless of what business you are in. For small businesses that accept only cash, this is not as much of a problem. While there are steps that you can take to certainly lower the amount of credit cardprocessing fees that you will owe, you will have a very difficult time cutting them out of your business altogether. However, there are strategies that you, as a business owner, can use to reduce your own liability for these fees and pass them on to the party that is gaining all of the convenience by paying with a credit card.

How to lower credit card processing fees

Though there is not usually a good way to avoid fees altogether, there are strategies that you can use to lower the amount of fees that you pay when you process payments. One of the best ways to do this is to work with an agent to participate in our merchant cash discount program, which incentivizes customers to pay with cash in exchange for a discount that saves both the merchant and the customer money. Without this fee, you can enjoy your margin and your customer will be happier with a lower price. For customers that do want the convenience of a digital payment, no problem! Simply add a small surcharge to cover the cost of the fee and you will be mitigating a lot of the negative effects that credit card fees can have on your business and cash flow.

How to get started

If a merchant cash discount program sounds right to you, then all you need to do is get in touch with a merchant cash discount program agent to help you take advantage of this program and start saving money on your payment processing today.

What is the best Merchant Services Agent Program?

Are you looking for the best Merchant Services Agent Program? As a merchant services agent, you must be quite attentive about how to find the best program for your payment processing business. Well, you should search no longer because you can use Shaw Merchant Group. There are many reasons why we have become the best credit card processing agent program for credit card processing sales agents and ISO's. First of all, we give you a 100% guarantee of satisfaction for you and all your merchants. With our high quality service, you can sign up business owners and merchants with self-reliance.

Shaw Merchant Group

  • Our Merchant Services Agent Program offers relationships with various processors. 
  • Able to offer your merchants most payment platforms across the globe. 
  • Track all of the commissions and deals from your back office portal. 
  • Commission structure is much higher than other credit card processors. 
  • Online merchant agreement with "click here I agree" button.
  • Big bonuses including fast start and production bonus. 
  • $5000 signing bonus once you bring on 30 merchants.


Overall our Merchant Services Agent Program gives you a profitable compensation plan including high revenue sharing, free marketing materials, free website, high-risk merchant account experts, and much more. You also have access to many sales tools and in depth training in person, online and videos. Because we have relationships with multiple processing providers we also include marketing tools as well as appointment setting and lead programs from many of the top processing providers. From the back office portal, you are able to access an abundant amount of resources to assist in the training of sub-agents and sales staff. Want more? We also have a very profitable referral program where all you have to do is hand us your merchant's information and we take care of the rest then you get paid. We can also provide an opportunity for you to get compensations through our affiliate program. We will track your referrals automatically and without hassles you make bonuses.

Our Merchant Services Agent Program offers high-risk merchant solutions for you. Most payment processors don’t support businesses that are considered high-risk business types. You’ll get many choices for almost all types of businesses. We offer both local and offshore solutions for VERY high risk business types. In fact, Shaw Merchant Group will give you the ability to get accounts approved for these high risk business types: online gaming, e-book, auctions, tobacco, marijuana sales, credit repair companies and many others. Overall, you always need this kind of service in you back pocket. 

Shaw Merchant Group will take your paycheck to the next level. As you grow your merchant base we will be here to support you and merchants with only A+ BBB rated processors. This includes making sure you have the very best Merchant Services Agent Program. Basically, the industry of credit card processing will continue to grow at an amazing rate and you should take advantage of our program to achieve huge success and maximum profits. In summary, Shaw Merchant Group stands up as the most reliable program in the industry.

How Much Do Merchant Services Agents Make Selling Merchant Accounts?

Are you looking for a great business opportunity that gives you hundreds of dollars per month? If yes, then selling merchant accounts is the right choice for you!

Almost every other business in the world uses credit and debit cards as their primary tool for transactions, known as merchant services. Selling merchant services is an alluring and profitable business as it has the potential of gaining a large number of clients!

However, the answer to how much you can earn mainly relies on your hard work and passion for this work—keeping in mind that it requires hours of effort.

It also requires a strong knowledge of the credit card processing sales and its industry, along with the fact that you would have to keep at it even after being told 'No' many times.

Without any further ado, let’s get into details of the rewards you can bring home by a future in merchant services sales, which is estimated at around $100k of earning annually!

How Much Can Be Made?

The merchant services agents start earning the moment they sign up a new client and close the deal at a profit of about $500 for themselves. Luckily, these first bonuses are paid right after the closing of the deal!

Selling credit card processing is a 100% commission industry. Still, residual income fuels its profits, which is maintained by consistent efforts.

Residual income is the monthly bonuses a merchant services agent receives, varying from $30-$50. Therefore, depending on the number of clients, a profit of $1250-$3600 per month is guaranteed!

To learn more about residual income, keep reading!

What Is Residual Income?

The details of how the merchant services agent program works are quite simple.

As mentioned before, residual income is the primary source of earning in this business as long as the client keeps using his credit cards to accept payments.
  • Whenever your customer receives payments through the credit card you signed them up for, the merchant services business also receives a specific percentage of that payment. 
  • The good news is that the merchant services agent receives about 50-60% of the earned income! Each money transfer means more and more money for the agent! This is called residual income. 
That being said, let us take an example of how to earn more than $100k a year with your very own merchant services sales.

Don’t ever think that earning a few dollars from each client is not enough, because this simple math will prove you wrong. So, assuming that the merchant services agent can sign up to 15 new clients per month, $50 of residual income will add up to be $750 of earning per month.

After a period of thorough hard work and determination, the monthly income can rise to $9000, and that is equal to over $100,000 of annual revenue. With no limits to the number of clients, a $100k income can be further multiplied!

Common Pitfalls Of Selling Merchant Accounts 

As you start with your new business, here are some common pitfalls that you should avoid to keep your income steady and growing.
  1. Not signing a contract: Always make sure to sign up and agree on a contract with your client. Not signing up a contract can lead to a cut in the earned income anytime the client stops using its account, leaving you further behind in achieving your goals. 
  2. Upfront cash programs: Yes, upfront cash programs can be an excellent way of getting an instant return. But make sure that you seriously understand the conditions of upfront cash programs as they are advance payment of what income you have coming in the future. 
  3. Price wars: One of the most common mistakes of the agents is to get into price wars with other companies. Don't let this affect your service because that is what bidding wars result in. Your customers will then always look for the lowest cost possible, so stay competitive and hold a steady price!

Tips To Earn Over $100k Annually By Selling Merchant Services

Merchant services sales are based upon innovation and hard work! In order to succeed in this industry, take notes of these tips and tricks so that you make over $100,000 per year!
  1. Understand your product Remember that you, as a credit card processing agent, should have all the details about credit cards and credit card processing sales to gain more leads and prove to be one of the best in your industry. 
  2. Set the right goals Business goals keep you consistent and focused on what you do and what you aim to achieve. They work to keep you motivated and give you your wanted result, so, as a beginner, seek $1000 a month to $9000 soon, with the right effort! 
  3. Invest in referrals Referrals play a significant role in the expansion of various businesses around the world. They are also the key to successful sales of merchant accounts! If you offer exceptional services, make sure that your customers know them! This results in an increased number of leads and sales! 
  4. Manage your time Like all other businesses, selling merchant accounts requires you to stick to a schedule and stay committed to your aims and daily tasks! Split your time for each area of attention, such as following leads, finding new leads, and dealing with your current customers!
Final Words

Nothing is impossible: not even earning $100k a year! With the proper understanding of residual income and how much you can make, follow the dos and don'ts for a steady income. Keeping in mind that there is no limit to what you can earn. So, get ready, set your strategy, and go!

North American Bancard Cash Discount Program

North American Bancard (NAB) is a well-known credit card processing company. It is a merchant account provider. This means that you can collect and process debit and credit card payments from your customers. Your money will be deposited into your bank account after the processing fee deduction. North American Bancard’s merchant account was created primarily for face to face retail transactions but now they also allow e-commerce transactions.

The North American Bancard Cash Discount Program is a way for you as a business owner to offset the charges of some or all commercial services without increasing the current rates. This is an efficient way of charging service fees to all customers and providing attractive discounts to those who pay with cash. With the help of this program, your published rates will become the actual rates for those who pay cash. Cash paying customers will avoid service fees and everyone else will see an item on the line included in the receipt. It is an advanced technology that enables it to be and maintains this program in accordance with Visa, Master Card, and processor standards.

North American Bancard provides their precious customers with the:

  • Free hints that will explain this program to your customers 
  • A well developed and free 
  • EDGE Cash Discount Software Free Equipment Options 

Why North American Bancard Cash Discount Program is the Best?

As you know that there are many discount programs available to retailers around the world but there are some reasons that have helped this merchant cash discount program to be in number one position. Here are some of the best advantages that will be provided by this Cash Discount Program.

  • No Price to the Merchant 
  • No Agreement 
  • Cash Payment 

No Price to the Merchant:

The main attractive benefit of this cash discount program is that it will help you to put more money in the pockets of your business and companies you are working with. Your merchants will be able to gain more profit as the EDGE cash discount program is designed to eliminate merchant processing cost which can range in cost. This percentage doesn’t seem big but when it comes to dozens of transactions a day then this percentage will definitely increase your profit and savings.

With this cash discount program, merchants do not have to worry about these cost as they will be transferred to the customers. This is a great point of sale for your business as it eliminates the cost that has to pay. You don’t have to pay in order to enroll in this program. So when you join this program you will only earn money without any spending.

No Agreement:

The second major benefit to the trader is that there is no agreement on this NAB cash discount program. This provides the merchants with the benefit that if they want to experiment for a few months to see the impact of this program on their business, they can do so without fear of getting stuck in a long term deal. As an agent, it enables you to build trust with your merchants quickly and easily. You can show them the power that without signing an agreement or putting some pressure on them they can avail the services of this free program, without any cost. This will make your merchant more comfortable to work with you.

Cash Payment:

Cash payment has made all the process very simple and easy. Customers will simply see the advertised price of the item, will go to the cash register, deliver it to the cashier, and will be the item. No additional fees or charges will apply to the client. The merchant will not have a processing fee for this transaction and the customer will be able to save money.

What NAB EDGE Cash Discount Program Eliminates?

This amazing cash discount’s major elimination include: 

  • No Statement Fee 
  • There is no Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Fee 
  • No need for Contract 
  • No Monthly or Annual Fees 

POS Solutions and Cash Discount Software: 

North American Bancard Cash Discount Program works on many Point of Sale (POS) solutions to meet the needs of your business, they also provide free Point of Sale devices if needed. When your customer inspects at the Point of Sale, the EDGE cash discount software knows how to adjust the transaction in real-time at office cost. This arrangement is known as Cash Discount Adjustment. This cash discount adjustment ensures that your customer is paying the same profit margins while they are paying with cash or not. This software values all its products by assuming cash payments.

If you are charging more from your customers because you know that a lot of people will pay with cards then you can now offer a small cash price as a discount on all advertised prices. This will make advertised prices more competitive and attractive to consumers without spending a penny.

Why is NAB Cash Discount Right for you? 

Card issuers charge you for accepting cards and then usually refund a portion of the money received from customers in the form of vouchers, such as a refund program. Your customers are forced to make payments through cards even if they want to pay cash. But the NAB cash discount program makes it fair for everyone. With this cash discount program, you have the option to protect your business. They can offer different choices to the cardholders and it will not cost you a penny. That’s why thousands of people across the country are embracing this EDGE Cash Discount Program.

The Bottom Line: 

If you are tired of having to pay thousands of dollars for your monthly processing costs then this is the best solution. When this program is providing you with these amazing benefits then what are you waiting for? It is the right time to control your stamps and reap the benefits of this ultimate cash discount program. Contact the North American Bancard today to get more information about this cash discount program and to determine if this program is right for your business.

Best Cash Discount Program | Cash Discounting vs Surcharge

Cash Discounting and surcharging are two different things that you might have heard about. When you are doing any of the credit card transactions, you might have seen both of these. We will be seeing everything you should know about both of them. Many people are confused when it comes to Cash Discounting vs Surcharging. We will clear all your doubts here.

The next time you see the surcharge been deducted from your credit card, you won’t have to wonder what is it. So, let’s begin the comparison of Cash Discounting vs Surcharging and see what are they.

We will start with surcharge and then we will know about cash discounts.

What is a surcharge?

When you are in any of the cash discount programs, you might have seen some surcharge is deducted from the card. The surcharge is a small fee that any vendor can add to the credit card transaction. This is the fee that is charged by the credit card association to the vendor.

To recover all the fees charged by the credit card association, the vendors might include the small surcharge. During any Cash Discount Merchant Processing, it anatomically deducts the surcharge fee from the customer.

This is not available for debit cards. Only credit card holders can give out the surcharge fee. Therefore, you will see the surcharge only on the credit card transactions. There are certain guidelines issues to the card association on how the surcharge is charged.

Also, it is not permitted in several areas. So, if you are from one of the areas such as New York, Maine, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, California, Texas, etc, you won’t be charged a surcharge. In the same way, the vendors can’t add the surcharge.

Let’s say a customer has to pay 100 bucks for an item. The credit card association will charge 2 bucks fees from them.

So, the merchant will add 2 bucks as a surcharge, the customer will have to pay 102 bucks. In this way, the merchant can recover the money.

What is cash discounting?

Cash discounting is just like the name says. It is a discount you will get if you pay using cash. The merchant has to pay the processing fees of credit card if the customer chooses to pay with the credit card. So, the merchant will surely increase the price to recover the fees.

Now, if the customer decides to pay via cash, there is no need to charge extra fees, right? So, they will get a cash discount. The cash discount is only applicable if the customer pays via check or cash. A cash discount is a great alternative to a surcharge.

Continuing the example, if a surcharge is illegal then what will the merchant do? Well, they will simply increase the product price to 102 and offer a cash discount of 2.

Now, if the customer pays using a credit card, they will have to pay 102 but if they pay using cash, they will only have to pay 100. The 2 bucks discount will be given here.

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