Merchant Account Agent Programs | Overview

As a merchant services agent, are you looking for a better program? Do you need the best merchant account agent program available on the market? Shaw Merchant Group is the answer to your question. The following discussion will convince you why we are the best at what we do.

Qualities of a good high-risk merchant services agent program
It is important to choose the right high-risk partner for your merchant services business. Two important factors to consider in high-risk merchant services agent programs include:
1.       Getting accounts approved
A good merchant services agent program should be able to place any business since they should have banks and ISOs available across the world. They should strive to approve every application submitted to them by agents.

2.       Getting paid
A good merchant services agent program should be able to pay residuals at the right time. Some offer programs that allow agents get upfront commissions from high-risk accounts.

Why we are the best
Shaw Merchant Group offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With us, you can sign up merchants with confidence. This is because we are ever ready to switch over your merchant to another provider in our network if he or she is not happy with the current processor you signed him or her up with.
We offer production bonuses and fast start bonus in addition to offering industry leading compensation. We also offer training and marketing tools in addition to lead programs from our credit card processing providers.
There are affiliate programs, which allow you to gather affiliates under you and automatically monitor and compensate them accordingly. This creates a sales force that requires no management since it is a free solution.
High-risk businesses are not supported by most merchant agent services. We have many high-risk business opportunities available both domestically and offshore. Credit card processing for e-books, adult websites, video streaming, tobacco etc. is some of the services we offer.
With dozens of processors, one agent agreement, you can offer credit card processing services to your merchants from all the best credit card processing providers. By filling out one agent agreement at with Shaw Merchant Group, you can track all your commissions from a single porter.
Other services offered
·         Domestic processing – domestically, we offer a very competitive high-risk merchant solution in addition to third party processing for clients.

·         Offshore processing – we specialize in offshore accounts which allow you to process in countries like Panama, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Malta which are tax-free jurisdictions.

·         Payment Gateway – we have a proprietary gateway that is PCI compliant. We also ensure it is NMI-integrated so it is easy to use.

·         Rates –we offer competitive rates. There are no volume restrictions even though your rates are much higher as a high-risk business type when compared to a standard merchant account.

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