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Starting a Credit Card Processing Company

Starting any kind of business has some basic steps to get registered with your state as an official credit card processing company. In Oregon where I am from this processes cost $100 to re-new per year. With this being said I want to jump right into how to go about 1 . You will want to start by researching businesses in your area and evaluate who your competition is. The credit card processing business is typically riddled with competition across the United States. Because of this you will want to find a marketing plan that sets you apart from other credit card processing businesses in your area. As an example maybe your company could specialize in business cash advances which goes hand in hand with credit card processing. Leading in with something like this will set you apart from other credit card processors that simply say they will save the merchant money. The merchant hears this type of pitch every day and makes it easy for the merchant to say no to your offer. 2 . Aft