North American Bancard Cash Discount Program

North American Bancard (NAB) is a well-known credit card processing company. It is a merchant account provider. This means that you can collect and process debit and credit card payments from your customers. Your money will be deposited into your bank account after the processing fee deduction. North American Bancard’s merchant account was created primarily for face to face retail transactions but now they also allow e-commerce transactions.

The North American Bancard Cash Discount Program is a way for you as a business owner to offset the charges of some or all commercial services without increasing the current rates. This is an efficient way of charging service fees to all customers and providing attractive discounts to those who pay with cash. With the help of this program, your published rates will become the actual rates for those who pay cash. Cash paying customers will avoid service fees and everyone else will see an item on the line included in the receipt. It is an advanced technology that enables it to be and maintains this program in accordance with Visa, Master Card, and processor standards.

North American Bancard provides their precious customers with the:
  • Free hints that will explain this program to your customers 
  • A well developed and free 
  • EDGE Cash Discount Software Free Equipment Options 
Why North American Bancard Cash Discount Program is the Best?

As you know that there are many discount programs available to retailers around the world but there are some reasons that have helped this merchant cash discount program to be in number one position. Here are some of the best advantages that will be provided by this Cash Discount Program.

  • No Price to the Merchant 
  • No Agreement 
  • Cash Payment 

No Price to the Merchant:

The main attractive benefit of this cash discount program is that it will help you to put more money in the pockets of your business and companies you are working with. Your merchants will be able to gain more profit as the EDGE cash discount program is designed to eliminate merchant processing cost which can range in cost. This percentage doesn’t seem big but when it comes to dozens of transactions a day then this percentage will definitely increase your profit and savings.

With this cash discount program, merchants do not have to worry about these cost as they will be transferred to the customers. This is a great point of sale for your business as it eliminates the cost that has to pay. You don’t have to pay in order to enroll in this program. So when you join this program you will only earn money without any spending.

No Agreement:

The second major benefit to the trader is that there is no agreement on this NAB cash discount program. This provides the merchants with the benefit that if they want to experiment for a few months to see the impact of this program on their business, they can do so without fear of getting stuck in a long term deal. As an agent, it enables you to build trust with your merchants quickly and easily. You can show them the power that without signing an agreement or putting some pressure on them they can avail the services of this free program, without any cost. This will make your merchant more comfortable to work with you.

Cash Payment:

Cash payment has made all the process very simple and easy. Customers will simply see the advertised price of the item, will go to the cash register, deliver it to the cashier, and will be the item. No additional fees or charges will apply to the client. The merchant will not have a processing fee for this transaction and the customer will be able to save money.

What NAB EDGE Cash Discount Program Eliminates?

This amazing cash discount’s major elimination include: 
  • No Statement Fee 
  • There is no Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Fee 
  • No need for Contract 
  • No Monthly or Annual Fees 
POS Solutions and Cash Discount Software: 

North American Bancard Cash Discount Program works on many Point of Sale (POS) solutions to meet the needs of your business, they also provide free Point of Sale devices if needed. When your customer inspects at the Point of Sale, the EDGE cash discount software knows how to adjust the transaction in real-time at office cost. This arrangement is known as Cash Discount Adjustment. This cash discount adjustment ensures that your customer is paying the same profit margins while they are paying with cash or not. This software values all its products by assuming cash payments.

If you are charging more from your customers because you know that a lot of people will pay with cards then you can now offer a small cash price as a discount on all advertised prices. This will make advertised prices more competitive and attractive to consumers without spending a penny.

Why is NAB Cash Discount Right for you? 

Card issuers charge you for accepting cards and then usually refund a portion of the money received from customers in the form of vouchers, such as a refund program. Your customers are forced to make payments through cards even if they want to pay cash. But the NAB cash discount program makes it fair for everyone. With this cash discount program, you have the option to protect your business. They can offer different choices to the cardholders and it will not cost you a penny. That’s why thousands of people across the country are embracing this EDGE Cash Discount Program.

The Bottom Line: 

If you are tired of having to pay thousands of dollars for your monthly processing costs then this is the best solution. When this program is providing you with these amazing benefits then what are you waiting for? It is the right time to control your stamps and reap the benefits of this ultimate cash discount program. Contact North American Bancard today to get more information about this cash discount program and to determine if this program is right for your business.

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