Top Credit Card Processing Programs For Agents, ISOs, Resellers and Sales Partners

If you are a merchant services agent dealing with customers and clients on a daily basis, then you know the importance of working with one of the top credit card processing agent programs in the industry. With the right tools, you can expand your income as an agent and grow your network. However, that all begins with partnering with the right credit card processing ISO or agent program. Without the right partner to work with, you won’t have the right tools and selling points to effectively market your services to potential clients. This guide to the top credit card processing agent programs for agents will provide you with the guidance you need to make the right choice when it comes to credit card processing ISO agent programs to partner with.

 Picking a credit card processing program 

If you are going to find the best credit card processing program for you, you’ll need to know what to look for in a program that could help you on your path to success. If you are looking for a merchant services partner program to partner with, these are some of the factors that you should evaluate to determine how suitable of a program it is for you.

Prompt Payment 

Nobody wants to work with anyone that doesn’t pay on time--and that goes for credit card processing ISO agent programs too. You want to make sure that the partner that you choose has a reputation of paying on time and paying accurately. You should avoid any program that doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to payments or if you feel that they are being intentionally ambiguous with how they pay out residuals.

Marketing Materials 

A great indicator of whether a merchant services agent program is going to provide you with success is if they make an effort to give you tools for success. In the case of merchant services, these are marketing materials that your ISO partner program may provide. You should find out the extent to which they provide these materials and evaluate yourself whether they would be proficient for your needs.

Customer Service 

If you are going to have success in a merchant services sales job and build a healthy relationship with your clients, then you will need to be sure that the merchant services agent or merchant ISO program that you work with offers good customer support options to your merchants. When they have an issue or concern, you want to be sure that someone at your partner’s office will be there to take the call and keep them happy.

What are the best programs? 

Here are some of the current best credit card processing agent programs for agents to partner with:
  1. North American Bancard 
  2. Total Merchant Services 
  3. PayProTec 
  4. Harbor Touch 
  5. eMerchant Broker

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