Best Cash Discount Program for Agents

If you are an agent or another seller of merchant services, then you are always looking for ways to help attract new merchants and show them the benefits of working with a merchant services partner that understands their needs. If you are looking for an amazing benefit to provide your merchants, then a cash discount program is one of the best options that you should keep in your pocket. However, making the cash discount program work as a proper incentive comes with some caveats. Finding the best cash discount program is essential because it provides you with even more value to the merchant and further entices them to use your service for their merchant processing.

Why a cash discount program?

If you are trying to entice a merchant to sign on with your merchant services, then there are many reasons for why you should choose a cash discount program as the motivator for your merchant. A cash discount program comes with plenty of benefits that make your services more attractive.

The first is that a cash discount program offers a higher margin to the merchant that decides to use a cash discount program. While the customer is perceiving it as a positive for them, the merchant also benefits from avoiding having to pay processing fees and instead passing those fees onto the customers that choose to use credit cards through a processing fee on the receipt. With more margin, business owners have more room to work with to provide consumers with amazing value.

The next is that working with a merchant services company with a cash discount program allows merchants to market the benefit of paying in cash to their customers. Customers, when paying in cash, will feel as though they are being given a great deal and be happier with the merchant. This increases customer retention and conversion rate.

How to pick the best cash discount program for agents

If you are looking for the best cash discount program to offer your merchants, then there are some key factors and characteristics that you should be looking for. Here are some of the best tips for finding the best cash discount program for agents to offer to their merchants.


One of the first things that you should look for in a cash discount program for your merchants is the amount and quality of marketing materials and literature that they have available for merchants to use to advertise the program and make it known that it’s available.

POS Integration

A very important part of the entire process is finding a cash discount program that is easy to implement with their POS system. With POS integration and ease of use, you will find that selling a cash discount program is far easier.

Transition Assistance

Any business owner wants to know that the transition from a regular checkout process to a cash discount program is going to be a smooth one. They want to ensure that their customers won’t be upset or confused about the transition. If you’re able to provide the merchant with assistance from the offering company, your chances of making a sale will inevitably be higher.

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