Become a Merchant Service Provider | Become a Credit Card Processor

When it comes to becoming a merchant service provider of credit card processing services, there is no better choice in the industry then North Ameican Bancard. You may hear mixed reviews online but in most cases it has to do with mis-information from the sales agent or ISO that sold the account and not the merchant service provider (North American Bancard). Because processing companies like North American Bancard operate through independent contractors they relay on the sales agent to be honest and disclose all information. There are compliance restrictions in place to prevent this but North American Bancard Agent Program screens its sales agents and ISOs thoroughly before allowing the applicant to become a merchant services provider and start offering merchant processing services.

Step 1: Sign Up with North American Bancard

You will want to begin by getting in contact with North American Bancard ISO Agent Recruiting. Once in contact with a recruiter they will go over the program to make sure you are both a good fit to become a merchant service provider officially under the North American Bancard family. Once this has been determined NAB will complete the new agent registration paperwork and within 72 hours (usually sooner) your new agent office is now officially ready to sell merchant accounts and credit card processing services. This is assuming that you have successfully passed the background screening which is very strict. Being a North American Bancard Agent is a huge privilege in the merchant services industry so if you've been approved congrats and you've completed the first step.

Step 2: Marketing Plan

Becoming a merchant service provider is step one, but after you have that complete now what? One of the huge benefits of starting out as an agent is that you don't have to come out of pocket to become a merchant service provider (Agent). This saves thousands in registration fees ect. There is another level of merchant service provider you can obtain after proving yourself as a successful merchant services agent. You may also become a registered ISO/MSP which gives you other added benefits which I will not get into on this post.

Hopefully before you start the process of becoming a merchant service provider you have done some research and have a plan to possibly start with your warm market or circle of influence. If you have not done any preliminary research then now is the time to start coming up with a marketing plan. How do you plan on marketing your credit card processing ISO business? There are many ways of producing new sales especially with the products and service North American Bancard offers merchants. Get in touch with your national sales manager if you have questions and we can help.

Step 3: Summery - Merchant Service Provider

This article has been chopped down and summarized to hopefully hold attention and a helpful quick read on the topic of becoming a merchant services provider. I hope you have found the previous steps helpful in answering the question "How to become a merchant service provider". Step 3 is simply use your success, repeat and keep growing. I know this can be easier said then done but if you have a strong work ethic, drive for success and a basic marketing plan then you will have a good foundation for success becoming a merchant service provider with North American Bancard.

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