Why Use a Merchant Cash Advance Broker?

If you are a merchant in the current economy then you know how though it can be to turn a profit. With this said, merchants are turning to alternative business funding like merchant cash advance programs to secure funds to help grow the business. Because there are so many merchant cash advance lenders willing to tell you they can get you funded to find out that for whatever reason they were unable to get the loan funded. This is a waist of time for everyone involved. Also this is where a merchant cash advance broker may be a good fit.

Why Use a Merchant Cash Advance Broker?

When you turn to a merchant cash advance broker for options on obtaining funds for a business loan there are may benefits that you will find. The main benefit is that typically, if your dealing with a seasoned professional in the merchant cash advance business they can tell you right away how much you can qualify for, what is the rate, how soon you can get funding and your approval odds (In most cases they can tell you will be approved 99.9%).

Being a merchant cash advance broker allows the broker to be able to shop the business lending market place that offers these type of alternative business loans. This enables the broker to find the best possible deal for each individual client. In the case of a higher risk business, this will open more options for lending and could be the difference of getting funded or not depending on the situation. Most merchant cash advance brokers have over 20+ relationships with merchant cash advance lenders that end up fighting for each loan making it competitive so the lenders give the lowest rates possible. 

Become a Merchant Cash Advance Broker

Shaw Merchant Group is always looking for the best sales professions to work with our office and grow together. Shaw Merchant Group offers the merchant cash advance agent program in the business. With over 20+ relationships with merchant cash advance lenders we have the network of lenders to get your deals funded for you clients at the best possible rates.

Commission for selling merchant cash advance deals will depend on the lender that funds each deal. Typically you will get a few offers to choose from based on volume, bank statements ect. Since each lender wants to earn your business they will also offer you the highest commission to send the deal their way.

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