Starting a Credit Card Processing Company

Starting any kind of business has some basic steps to get registered with your state as an official credit card processing company. In Oregon where I am from this processes cost $100 to re-new per year. With this being said I want to jump right into how to go about

1. You will want to start by researching businesses in your area and evaluate who your competition is. The credit card processing business is typically riddled with competition across the United States. Because of this you will want to find a marketing plan that sets you apart from other credit card processing businesses in your area. As an example maybe your company could specialize in business cash advances which goes hand in hand with credit card processing. Leading in with something like this will set you apart from other credit card processors that simply say they will save the merchant money. The merchant hears this type of pitch every day and makes it easy for the merchant to say no to your offer.

2. After doing your research you will want to choose the right credit card processing company to partner with. Some people have the misconception that you need to be a registered merchant services ISO in order to start a credit card processing company. This is one way of going about becoming a credit card processing company but you may want to wait on this process by registering with a super ISO as an Independent Sales Agent first. There are many benefits to starting your credit card processing company this way. Simply all you need to focus on is selling merchant accounts and the super ISO literally handles the rest of the back-end such as customer services, training, deployment of equipment, tech support, merchant tracking systems (CRM), sales leads, sales support, back-end and front-end processing, underwriting department and much more. If you choose to become a full registered ISO with VISA/MC/DIS/AMEX you will need to have some type of bank loan to put these things in place. Registration cost $10,000 and $5000 to re-new every year. If you would like more info on getting registered to start selling credit card processing at no cost upfront visit North American Bancard ISO Program.

3. If you have been approved as an Independent Sales Agent with North American Bancard Agent Program you have all the tools at your finger tips to start your credit card processing company. You will want to begin by going to visit small businesses in your area and make yourself  and your company known. Some credit card processors will set appointments by calling the merchant ahead of time and making a time and day that's works for your merchant. If you go this way, you will need to hire a telemarketer, appointments setting service or lead generation company. The most successful and cost effective way to get business is to simply canvas the area and do drop ins to your local merchants. I have worked with over 1000 agents/ISOs and I can tell you the most successful people in this business simply are good at hitting the pavement.

4. Once you have experienced success as an independent agent you will want to expand your credit card processing company by hiring merchant sales agents in other areas to increase sales. The cool thing about this is that North American Bancard offers to handle all of your agents on your behalf and pay them on your behalf. You simply set the payouts to your agents and NAB takes care of the accounting, sales training, tracking and everything else.


If you go about starting a credit card processing company using the process I just told you about you will likely have success in the credit card processing business. Plus there is no upfront cost or money out of your pocket, its simply a turnkey solution to start a credit card processing company. I have personally used this method to start a credit card processing company and I can say I am happy with where I am at financially and if you are dedicated to starting a successful credit card processing company you will have financial freedom too.

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