Do I need Credit Card Processing Leads to be successful?

Could you be more successful as a Merchant Services ISO if you were to use lead generation or an appointment setting service? In the "credit card processing lead generation" world you need to be very careful who you have generating these merchant processing leads for you or your company. I have been generating my own credit card processing leads now for well over 6 years and I can tell you the pros and cons of credit card processing leads.

There are many lead generation companies out there that will claim to have the best quality leads for you to purchase. Quality credit card processing leads can range anywhere from $25 to $200 per lead depending on quality and the type of merchant. The best why to purchase leads if you decide to go that way is to buy exclusive leads that are not sold to other credit card processing companies. Most of the time when you are buying leads from lead generation companies you will find that the lead that you are buying is being sold 5 to 10 times to other sales people. As you can see this makes the percentage of getting that account closed very low. The main problem is that the merchant gets a ton of calls and in many cases simply will avoid your call.

Short term I see sales people that use merchant processing leads to be successful in this business. I also see these people burn out rather quickly. As I mentioned in an earlier post about merchant services appointment setting the key to long term success in the credit card processing industry is to be able to network and generate your own leads. This is a much more cost effective way of going about your day to day operations and leads to long term success in the merchant processing business.

So lets face it having leads can be a very nice benefit but it can also hinder your success in the merchant services business. Like I said, the best way to ensure your getting business on a daily basis is to go business to business generating your own merchant leads through referrals, networking and circle of influence. I find that a great tool for being able to generate fresh leads is Sales Genie. This product gives you all the info you will need about a business and who you need to talk to. The "Total Merchant Services ISO Program" provides this tool for free if you are and agent with them.

Please feel free to contact us about Credit Card Processing Leads or any other questions you may have.

About Us

SMG is an all-in-one payment provider. We offer retail, online, mail and wireless payment processing in a variety of different industries.

When we started SMG our goal was to work at simplifying payment processing across multiple industries. In our time in the payment processing industry we have worked to create an adaptive product that not only handles payments very quickly but also offers extremely low payment processing rates. We believe in taking minimal fees and offering some of the most competitive rates available in our industry so that we can keep our customers as profitable as possible. Since our inception into the payment processingindustry we have worked to integrate our systems into online webpages, to offer reliable retail terminals that can handle payment processing on credit cards around the world as well as virtual terminals which are easily accessible and secure.

Our mobile integration is one of our newest products and one of the products that we are the most proud of. The mobile and wireless solutions are perfect for app developers and can integrate themselves easily into almost any online application.

SMG is working to make new partnerships with businesses around the world every day. We can't wait to expand our services as well as offer more reliability as our customer base grows. We love getting to know new companies and providing them with the payment solutions that they need to offer greater levels of customer service and flexibility within their industry. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our processing fees, our services and how you can get started with payment processing through SMG for your business.

Processing Rates and Fees

Our processing fees and rates will vary by each plan. The VIP plans will have the lowest possible fees on processing rates, but even our basic plans remain as some of the most competitive in the industry for processing rates on each transaction. SMG is proud to offer gateway services, retail terminals, virtual terminals and wireless terminals up for free with zero sign-up fees. We make our money through processing rates and fees on all of the transactions that your business does. The good news about these rates and fees is that they are low enough that they will barely affect your profit margins.

In most cases businesses across many industries report that they actually remain more profitable offering up a more flexible payment solution to their customers. By adding this flexible payment solution you can open up your business to a whole new type of customer as well as give customers better flexibility to pay for your products or services. With a small processing rate and fee taken off of every transaction you will hardly notice the costs that are associated with the payment processing through Shaw Merchant Group. We are working to consistently to keep our rates and fees as low as possible so that you can enjoy maximum benefits from flexible payment processing.

Here is a detailed outline of our official processing rates and fees for each plan:
Our goal is to offer the most competitive rates in the industry. With rates beginning at 1.09% persuade merchants and 1.79% for keep merchants, we work to deliver the best rates available. We will provide you with a detailed list of fees in your welcome booklet as well as the training that we provide you to integrate payments in your account.

Mail/Phone Order Services

Our mail and phone order services are a great way that you can start accepting credit cards and other forms of payment for your mail or phone-based business. If you get a lot of orders for your products or services over the phone or by mail order you will most definitely want flexibility for each one of your customers. With the help of the mail and phone order packages you can start receiving multiple payment options from credit cards and more. With the help of our free virtual terminal you can process hundreds of payments per day and even take advantage of lower rates on our VIP packages if you find that you are processing a large amount of payments regularly.

With zero sign up fees you get access to our payment processing terminal for free and you can start expanding your business by offering a more competitive level of service. This is an excellent solution for any mail-based or phone order business because you can easily accept payments without having to create your own payment system or pay high fees. Enjoy a premium level of profitability with the help of Shaw Merchant Group.

Apply today for our mail and phone order packages and start increasing the payment processing options for your company allowing you to generate greater sales and a better quality of customer service.

Gateway Software (E-Commerce)

Your Internet and e-commerce solution with NO sign up fees. If you need to introduce e-commerce solutions to your existing web platform we can help you with creating a quality web store that can accept many different types of payments and credit cards. With extremely low rates we can get you signed up and started using our free gateway software and for NO upfront fees. With the help of the free gateway software it's very simple to integrate new e-commerce solutions even on an existing website or platform.

Rather than struggling to find an e-commerce solution or code a specialty custom shopping cart into your website, our solution can help you get set up and offering e-commerce solutions to regular visitors to your website. We even let you customize the shopping cart and e-commerce solutions so that it merges seamlessly with all of your existing web design. Rather than having shopping cart functions that don't blend with your store, or compromise your website design our company does everything necessary to ensure your success without compromising quality or costing you access fees.

Payment Processing FAQ

Will I have to pay for the payment processing system upfront?

Unlike other payment processing companies we don't charge a rental fee on our payment processing services or equipment. You can get a payment processing device for your retail location, a virtual device for online payment processing or even mobile integration and e-commerce support for your website for zero upfront fees.

Do I get help with integration of the system and start up?
Our customer service support is available 24 hours a day seven days a week to provide you with the support that you need for integrating new payment processing into your business or onto your website. We can help you get started and even have easy-to-use software that you can use for integration purposes. We are interested in becoming your long-standing payment processor and we can help you with any form of integration across multiple industries.

Who can I call for troubleshooting?
Contact our customer support if you are having any issues with your device or payment processing needs. We can provide you with a rental machine or assess any issues with your payment processing to ensure that your business gets back on track and can remain profitable. We can be reached through our online form or by phone.

What types of payments can you process?
Currently we offer services to handle payment processing and debit cards, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, checks, and gift cards. We do have plans to expand payment processing as new forms of payment emerged on the market. Updates will follow so it's important to check back often to see the new types of payment options we have available.

When should I consider VIP services?
If you're a business that handles hundreds of payments in a day you may be a good candidate for one of our VIP service packages. VIP services work to keep your transaction rates low so that you can stay as profitable as possible.

Can I get an advance on my credit and debit earnings?
We are a payment processor that also offers up cash advances and merchant services. If you have used us for your payment provider for four months or more it's possible that you could qualify for a business cash advance services. With her business cash advances we can have you funded in 10 days so that you can pay for any emergencies within your business.

Can I see how much money I have earned from my credit and debit transactions?
With access to our online statistics you can see how much money you have earned through payment processing. Understanding how much money you have pending can help you to manage your business expenses as well as balance out your books each day. Access to this service is free for the first month but then a nominal fee is charged.

Can I use multiple payment processing services?
If you have a physical retail location and you would like to also create an online e-commerce store for example, we can provide you with multiple packages that can help your business grow as well as help with integrating these packages,

How can I get a rental payment processor of mine goes down?
With our customer care and support we can send out a secondary payment processing terminal that can ensure your business continues to see excellent payment processing even when your existing processing device has gone down.

How do I apply for these services?
Applying for payment processing for multiple different packages is easy and you need to simply fill in the contact us form online so that we can get started as your payment processor today.

What if I get a bad check?
If you have ever experienced the inconvenience of a check bouncing or check fraud in your business, our payment processor offers up check authorization guarantees. This ensures that every check your business accepts is available for payment in full. You will never have to accept the bad check again and we will remain liable for reimbursement if our authorization fails.

Payment Processing Security

As with any form of payment processing we work to deliver top security in every transaction that we complete. We are consistently upgrading our software, our payment processing devices, our services and our point of sale devices to protect your business and to protect your customers information. Security is a big priority in this business and we work to provide you with tools that you can trust.

Through our secure services we will work to investigate claims of security breaches or identity theft from your customer base. By using our payment processing you will never be found liable for any breaches in data incurred through your retail or online location. We use the finest digital encryption and security as well as secure keypads with Visa debit and debit cards to ensure that customer information is kept secure and that all payment processing can take place in a trusted environment.
Of course we will perform investigations that point of sale and on your debit machine if this is a common problem. We do not tolerate any exploitation of our services in any way shape or form.
We employ qualified team of security experts to perform these investigations as well as to consistently update our resources as new threats are raised. We will continue to improve our security to combat any payment processing security risk.
You gain a secure advantage simply from utilizing our company and taking advantage of our industry low processing fees and rates.

Wireless Processing Solutions

Our wireless processing solutions are perfect for any business interested in offering payment options through wireless applications and devices. If you're an app developer or you are interested in developing an application for which your users could pay for goods and services directly from their mobile device, we can integrate wireless payment processing solutions at competitive monthly fees.

Creating a wireless payment solution for a mobile application or uniting each one of your sales staff or employees with the option to handle payment processing directly from their mobile phones, can revolutionize your business. We can work to make a smart phone into a point-of-sale processing tool. With the ability to accept most major credit cards at industry low rates, you can increase your profitability as a business and offer a better level of customer service with payment flexibility the likes of which your customers will appreciate.
With the app market booming, and with more and more applications turning to the sale of digital content, it's important that you find a great payment provider so that your application can remain its most profitable. If you are developing a game or an application that needs professional and secure payment processing we can integrate our payment processing solutions directly into your application so that you can begin processing payments today. 
Our wireless processing solutions may well be the future of payment processing in our industry and we're excited to offer easy integration with low fees as well as access to free wireless terminals that can be used across multiple smart phone devices. With no sign-up fees to start the only fees you need to worry about are the transaction and rates which are detailed on our fee structure page.