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How to write a Business Plan?

No business idea is a success. It always remains an idea. No idea can change or affect this world, positively or negatively. Almost everyone you have ever come across has an idea, very brilliant, world-changing idea. Nevertheless, the only problem with these ideas is that they never see the light of the day. They live with the person and die peacefully with the person. A plan is what separates a person with an idea from the man who changes the world. A business plan makes you understand the idea you have and helps to evaluate if it is as great as you imagined. It removes the fictional and dreamlike characteristics, replacing it with reality and the harsh facts in existence What is a Business Plan? A business plan is very crucial for the success of a business idea as it is a major ingredient but so easily ignored by individuals. A business plan is a formal written document outlining the goals of a (new) business, outlining how it is attainable and stating plans on how to ach