Harbortouch Career Opportunity 

We have developed an unparalleled sales program intended to differentiate you from the competition and help you succeed in the marketplace. Our flagship free POS system program provides our sales partners with nothing less than the most compelling sales tool in the history of the industry. With this unique program, your merchants receive a high value touch-screen point of sale system while you take advantage of impressive residuals, up-front commissions, and virtually non-existent attrition.

By offering your merchants a full-featured POS system, you can avoid the tired "rates and fees" sales pitch and provide something of real value without having to reduce your margins. POS systems run your merchant's entire business, becoming an indispensible part of their operations and delivering the best retention tool imaginable. Since POS systems streamline operations and offer countless time and money saving features to your merchants, this program takes you from just another sales rep to the merchant's most important vendor.

As a partner of Harbortouch, you will also benefit from one of the most lucrative compensation plans available. Our flexible revenue sharing program offers up to 75% splits and generous bonus programs provide an additional opportunity to increase your monthly income.

Further, our service levels are truly best in class. As our partner, you will receive personalized support as well as access to an assortment of powerful sales tools to help you succeed. We provide you with comprehensive training, free leads, a custom Harbortouch website, professionally designed marketing materials, and access to technological resources such as our Sales Center iPad app and Harbortouch Online reporting tool. Meanwhile, your merchants will be able to take advantage of exceptional in-house customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Harbortouch supports every aspect of your office, from innovative products and services to lucrative revenue opportunities to exceptional support and training.

Top Reasons to Partner with Harbortouch
Free Equipment
The only FREE to Sell, Lease or Place Terminal Program Up to 75% Residual.
$5000 Signing Bonus
Submit 30 approved and installed MIDs within your first 120 days and get a $5000 bonus.
Monthly Production Bonus
Get $500 for 5 approved and installed MIDs. Each MID must have $25.00 Monthly Minimum and $5.00 Statement Fee to qualify. Production Bonus will be retracted if a Merchant cancels, materially reduces processing volume, or the Monthly Minimum is reduced and/or removed within twelve months from the end of the first full month that the Merchant processes transactions.
POS System Bonus
Receive up to $550 per free POS terminal based on volume. An average merchant location requires three terminals, resulting in an average up front commission of over $1000 per POS deal!

Upfront Bonus
Receive a $225 bonus for each activated retail merchant and for each activated card not present merchant. Get an additional 8X bonus up to $2000 on more profitable accounts.

Prompt Payment of All Residuals
With Harbortouch, you'll always receive quick, prompt payment of all commissions and residuals.
Merchant Services Guarantee
No Early Termination Fee! As a Merchant Services Independent Sales Representative you have the ability to pay your merchant's ETF.

Merchant Tracking System
Harbortouch is so committed to keeping our Agents informed that every time a merchant calls Harbortouch, Agents receive an auto responder via e-mail with ticket # describing the merchant’s concern and how it was resolved. This customer care software has proved invaluable in retaining customers.

Agent Portal "Backoffice"
Your resource for real-time merchant status, residual reports, lease approval information, download instructions, marketing tools, equipment information, and more...

Full Sales Support
You'll have access to your own mirrored website, plus a full range of professionally produced marketing materials, lead generation support and professional training.

Excellent Customer Service
Harbortouch provides great customer service, training and technical support. So you can focus on new business while we take great care of your current customer.

Revenue Share Partnership Program
You will receive 100% of commissions and up to 75% of residuals. You will share income on every available revenue stream. With Harbortouch you get a higher Interchange Revenue Split. So you will earn more income with our partnership, than you would with other processors who claim to offer a higher commission. Contact us today for more specifics.


Harbortouch is a leading national supplier of point of sale (POS) systems, credit card processing equipment and a full range of merchant services. Ranked by the Nilson Report as one of the largest payment processors in the United States, Harbortouch currently handles the merchant accounts for over 120,000 merchant locations and processes in excess of $10 billion annually, with those numbers constantly increasing.

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