Becoming a Merchant Cash Advance Agent or ISO

For many businesses, getting a cash advance from their merchant services provider is a fast and easy way to get financing. With the rise in popularity that these products and services have experienced, there is also an opportunity for sales professionals to boost sales and earn more revenue by adding merchant cash advance services to their list of offered products. For merchant services agents, this addition to your suite of products could net you thousands more of income each year and expand your valuable relationships with your business clients.

However, if you’re going to add this to your suite of offerings, then you should become familiar with what it means to become a Merchant Cash Advance Agent and what you can expect when you start working with clients to fulfill their short-term lending needs.

Meet your customer

The first step to becoming a merchant cash advance agent is to learn about who your customer is. Short-term business lending has a very specific type of customer that is the most common purchaser of these services. Typically, a business that comes to you about short-term lending or accepts your proposal for short-term funding is going to be a new business, a high-risk business, or a business that has bad credit. The goal of merchant cash advance services is to provide these types of business with services that they might not otherwise be able to get, given their current circumstances.

Though short-term lending can be a lucrative business, interest rates are typically much higher than other loans and you’ll be dealing with clients that you’re not always sure will be able to pay the loan back. This is mostly the reason for the raised interest rates, and commissions as well. However, with the right client selection and a proven suite of products and services, you can bolster your commissions by simply offering these services to your already-existing and new clients.

Why choose Shaw Merchant Group?

If you are going to be successful in becoming a provider of merchant short-term lending, then you need to choose the right partner to provide the services. For experienced professionals as well as beginners, Shaw Merchant Group is the go-to partner for merchant short-term lending. They are widely known as being the most trustworthy, reliable, and cooperative partners in the industry and they give you the tools you need to be successful in merchant services.

In addition to providing you with the resources you need to be successful, Shaw Merchant Group is also highly reputable because of the high commissions that are paid out to sales reps that choose to work with this industry giant. If you want to maximize your earnings potential, then you should work with the partner that has helped countless other individuals do the same thing.

Pros of offering merchant short-term lending

When you hear of short-term lending, you might be hesitant. However, this specific product is specially designed to give businesses the resources they need to fund operations, get back on their feet, and otherwise thrive in times of hardship or simply lack liquidity. Short-term lending is a very lucrative industry, but it is also mutually beneficial. The lender earns income while the business gains access to capital that they desperately need. Here are some of the benefits of working with merchant short-term lending.

Very profitable

This is the reason that many reps choose to work in merchant lending. This is a profitable industry that always has a need. The demand won’t go down for lending for businesses, and it is a recession-proof industry as there will always be a need for short-term lenders to keep businesses afloat and fund operations.

High commissions

Not only is the revenue from this industry high, but so are the commissions. This makes it easy for you to maximize your earnings potential and really expand your income. Adding merchant lending to your portfolio of services is a great way to give a boost to your commissions.

Use your existing network

For those that already offer merchant services, adding merchant lending to the mix is not a huge leap. In fact, you can leverage your existing network to offer these services to your clients and expand your revenue without having to do the ground and leg work of finding brand new clients.

Help your clients

You might look at selling financing as a way to make money, but you should be looking at it from their point of view. This presents you with an opportunity to help your business clients in their time of hardship or when they have a shortage of cash. Not only will you earn a high commission off of these sales, but you will also be able to bolster your positive relationship with your clients.

Expand your reach

Offering more services makes you more appealing to more businesses. When you add financing to your list of services, you can serve a wider range of clients. This boosts your sales and your reach.

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