Quality "High Risk Merchant Services Agent Program"

Merchant services sales agents love to include something special in their merchant business. Shaw Merchant Group gives various services including high risk merchant service for all types of merchants. Getting a perfect merchant services partner for your business is quite important. As the guidelines in underwriting of any traditional processors become more strict, you will get more declines of new merchant applications. It has taken years to place your merchants getting services for their credit card processing needs, hasn’t it? To learn about this program you should know 2 major factors in this kind of service. You can learn it here actually.

Partnering With SMG

First of all, Shaw Merchant Group helps you to get accounts approved easily. They have a network of merchant services ISO’s as well as over 79 banks all over the world. It means that you can place most businesses worldwide. They will approve almost any application that you have submitted. In fact, they have a list of customers who are satisfied with their merchant processing service. You can use them for referral sources too. Another reason to use Shaw Merchant Group for your payment processing partner is to get the payment. As an experienced businessperson, you have already known how stressful it’s to deliver high-risk deals and generate new leads to both brokerages and processors. You usually receive no money at all.

The Benefits 

Shaw Merchant Group's agent program will pay residual income monthly on the 15th of the month. This means that you can get commissions directly from such merchant account sales romptly every month for the life of the merchant account. Shaw Merchant Group provides competitive solutions of high risk merchant locally and worldwide. They also act as 3rd party service for those with few or even no history of credit card processing service. What’s about offshore processing? Shaw Merchant Group are also able to give services for offshore accounts. You can access in some jurisdictions including Malta, Cyprus, Mauritius, Panama, and Hong Kong without taxes.

Moreover, Shaw Merchant Group's agent program becomes a good souce for payment gateways for online businesses and ecommerce clients. They have user-friendly interfaces with NMI and PCI compliant integration as well as many shopping cart options. All merchants will get free full technical support from them. Next feature that you can get is the multiple currency processing. Shaw Merchant Group processes more than 16 currencies. However, you can only use Euros and USD in replica start-ups. What’s about the rate? This service offers average rates in any industries. If you have high risk business, you may get higher rates than regular merchant accounts.

In summary, Shaw Merchant Group's high-risk processing program will make anything easy. There will be no more restrictions in the terms of geography and location. Overall, it’s affordable and simple so you can offer merchant accounts for any products on the internet. High-risk businesses tend to have troubles in finding sources of merchant processing options. In this case, Shaw Merchant Gprogram comes as a handy support for your high-risk business. You can call their service through the internet without hassles. Importantly, you need to find a reliable program to start with. Shaw merchant group acts as a support to help you getting approval for accounts within local and offshore scopes.

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