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With so much to shoulder just to keep your business running, I’m sure you feel like you’re going in a hundred different directions all at once. Improving your products, offering good customers service and finding ways to attract new customers are just some of the priorities you probably balance day in and day out. Running a profitable business in today’s competitive economy is no easy task. Finding a solid merchant services provider that offers full-service can certainly make doing business a whole lot easier. Take a moment to find out how Shaw Merchant Group can get you set up with a user-friendly merchant account that will transform your business in ways that will amaze you.

Why Choose Shaw Merchant Group
We can get you organized with an easily affordable merchant account very quickly. Our staff can get your business set up to accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as EBT cards. You will be able to process them immediately with funds being deposited right into your account in as little as 48 hours. This reduces your risk and improves the management of cash flow to help your business run smoothly.

FREE Credit / Debit Card Processing Equipment
We work with Verifone to get free terminal placement for our clients, both countertop terminals as well as wireless. Using the same state-of-the-art NFC technology as Apple Pay, Softcard and Google Wallet you will be able to accept and process contactless payments. As an added bonus, the lightweight sleek looking terminals by Ingenico are EMV capable, using the most recent technological innovations in fraud detection and prevention.

Mobile Card Processing
Your mobile phone can act as a processing terminal once we set you up with a Payment Jack device for swiping cards. The card swiper and the software that runs it is FREE when you have a merchant account with Shaw Merchant Group. Once we get it all set up you will have the convenience of processing credit, debit and EBT cards portably right from your mobile phone. You will also be able to email your customers their receipts as well as look up transactions online or on your mobile phone.

Internet Processing Solutions
An actual credit card terminal is certainly effective but if you would like the convenience of faster processing, a virtual terminal may be the perfect solution. This would mean that your transactions would be run through a website. You can also have us set up an eCommerce solution with shopping carts on your website so your customers can enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

Social Marketing Solutions
Staying engaged with your customers with special offers and promotions increases profits in today’s marketplace. We offer an easy way for creating promotional offers, for sending them out and for keeping track of everything with our solutions.

Additional Services
Shaw Merchant Group is eager to help you increase business and customer satisfaction. This might involve setting you up to accept gift and/or loyalty cards, incorporating a check acceptance program, ATM machine solutions and we can also create a merchant advantage program for you for even more benefits. In terms of processing payments, no matter what the issue, we can find a solution.

For More Information
Please complete the contact us form above to receive more information or to let us know what you need. We’re standing by to help you with card processing and will set you up with free equipment.

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