Payanywhere Storefront Tablet Point of Sale Systems

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PayAnywhere is a popular aggregator for merchant services that offers quality mobile solutions for various storefronts as well as for face to face type POS services. One of the major features that make PayAnywhere a popular service throughout the world is the free equipment that also includes tablet. This service was invented by North American Bancard and it serves merchants with an ability to accept payments via PayPal, American Express, VISA as well as Mastercard for various product and services. NAB has introduced this quality service in year 2011 but the POS type storefront scheme was offered in late 2014; with this offer PayAnywhere became first choice of all users as it provides free equipment that incorporates tablet as well as a card reader and one integrated stand.  Payanywhere is considered as best solution for various small business startups but still the fine print feature keeps it behind Square. This product focuses on provision of simple mobile solutions and comprehensive storefront with quality POS solution.

About PayAnywhere App:
This interactive application offers simple design with very straightforward approach; here readers can avail in-depth computing environment by using a detailed menu, sales system, reports, inventory management and analytics for every sale. It also contains options of discounts and tax for all orders so that all matters can be easily processed. This application works as best solution for all those shop owners who wish to manage their finances accurately at one stop shop environment.

With latest advancement to PayAnywhere storefront system now you are likely to have a Tablet POS Program for free. This advanced software and the sleek tablet with inbuilt credit card reader mechanism provides outstanding shopping experiences with improved transaction speeds and fast reporting facilities. PayAnywhere application is most suitable for all existing as well as new business owners that are experiencing about $5K over credit/ debit card type sales.

Fee Details:
Same as GoPayment platform, the PayAnyWhere app also offers two tiered solution for users. You are eligible to swipe approximately 2.69% for Visa, AmEx as well as Mastercard without any monthly fee. As per various terms and conditions, some amount of additional fee may be applied in case of Discover cards. On the other hand if you want to cough up with $13 per month for a storefront type edition then your payment amount becomes 1.69 percent for AmEx, Mastercard as well as Visa. Whereas the business credit card will still be charged with 2.69 percent. Remember that you have to sell at least $5000 per month while using this system otherwise it will charge a fee of $80 into your account.

Here is the basic info about fee amounts for PayAnywhere service:
·         1.69% for each transaction with Discover, Mastercard as well as Visa: Swiped.
·         2.69% for every transaction on commercial Visa, Discover, Mastercard as well as reward cards: Business.
·         3.69% with additional $.19 for each transaction: Keyed.
·         Averages monthly fee: $12.95 only.
·         Minimum fee for the volume is decided to be $35-$79 each month based on sales volume.

Equipment Details:
Although all your transactions will take place through merchant in electronic manner but the actual device that is used to swipe the card of customer is called as “The Equipment”. For assisting proper functioning of whole system this equipment is a combination of hardware as well as software module. At initial level, this service was compatible only with iTouch, iPads and iPhones but now it can be run easily over blackberry as well as Android platform.

The hardware part incorporates a tablet POS system for merchants so that they can easily sign up for their dedicated services. It is designed with android platform and works only for PayAnywhere system of payments that clearly means that you are not able to use this tablet for playing games and any other application. Although the mobile swiper and the equipment both are available for free but still the merchants need to pay $35-$79 as minimum fee per month if monthly sales volume is under $5K. The software apart is supported by both POS as well as swiper type system so that you can enjoy this application on device as well as can operate it online.

PayAnywhere system at a glance:
           ·         PayAnywhere system application and reader is available for free so you can easily start your business with its quality features.
           ·         It comes with free tablet, sleek POS stand, advanced POS software as well as credit card reader.
           ·         It can be used with 1.69% flat rate of pricing and system accepts Discover, Mastercards, Visa as well as American Express on the same rate.
           ·         It offers next day funding option so you just need to grab the equipment and then forget about delays. You will be able to collect your business money within one day right from the day of transaction.
           ·         Some of the most appreciable features of PayAnywhere system are email receipts, tax, add discounts, tips as well as inventory creation options.
           ·         With a payment of only $19.95 per month you are able to add wireless receipt printer as well as cash drawer into your system; and if you wish to buy only the printer then you have to pay only $14.95 per month.
           ·         It comes with tablet point of sale system that offers easy access to application.
           ·         With extended features, PayAnywhere system offers high quality business guidance services. It generates improved control over your deposit funds, maintains transaction history, and provides detailed view of all account activities anytime anywhere.

PayAnywhere system is backed by most popular company well known as North American Bancard; so you will have top quality support facility all the time with all time chat as well as phone line contact. You can contact these support officials any time 24/7 and they can provide assistance in Mandarin, Spanish as well as English language.

With all these quality features and advanced facilities, PayAnywhere becomes best option for all merchants as it provides easy management of financial resources and keep proper track of account operations. It is a low cost, high quality and most efficient solution for all business owners with very interactive interface.

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