Payment Processing Security

As with any form of payment processing we work to deliver top security in every transaction that we complete. We are consistently upgrading our software, our payment processing devices, our services and our point of sale devices to protect your business and to protect your customers information. Security is a big priority in this business and we work to provide you with tools that you can trust.

Through our secure services we will work to investigate claims of security breaches or identity theft from your customer base. By using our payment processing you will never be found liable for any breaches in data incurred through your retail or online location. We use the finest digital encryption and security as well as secure keypads with Visa debit and debit cards to ensure that customer information is kept secure and that all payment processing can take place in a trusted environment.
Of course we will perform investigations that point of sale and on your debit machine if this is a common problem. We do not tolerate any exploitation of our services in any way shape or form.
We employ qualified team of security experts to perform these investigations as well as to consistently update our resources as new threats are raised. We will continue to improve our security to combat any payment processing security risk.
You gain a secure advantage simply from utilizing our company and taking advantage of our industry low processing fees and rates.

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