What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant cash advance lending is the capital that all new or established businesses need at some point. This money can be used to expand to new locations, open your first location, upgrade your equipment and expand services that your company needs to be the best it can be. This cash advance gives you the opportunity to watch your business grow the way you always wanted. 

The concept behind merchant cash advance loans is simple: with Shaw Merchant Group, we will pay for your future credit card transactions upfront and in one lump sum. As these transactions start to come in, we get paid back with a small fixed percentage of those daily credit card transactions. It is that simple. 

This works much better than a bank loan for a number of reasons. For instance the application process is much shorter and simpler. The waiting time can be within only 2 days, rather than the weeks it can take to have a bank loan approved. There are also no start up fees, and no need to provide collateral. It is a much simpler and business friendly process that will have you increasing your profit in no time. 

What Shaw Merchant Group Can Do For You? 

Shaw Merchant Group is dedicated to supporting American businesses. With our Merchant cash advance programs, we can help you start or expand your business now, with no waiting and no hidden fees. We are an all-in-one payment provider and can offer you mail, retail, online, and wireless payment processing, and have worked in a variety of different industries. 

Shaw Merchant Group's Goal is to simplify payment processing across many industries. We have done just that, and not only does our payment processing work quickly and easily, it also offers extremely low payment processing rates. We believe in keeping our customers as profitable as possible, and do so by offering competitive rates and by taking minimal fees. This means that you can concentrate on building your businesses and focus on your customers. 

Our most recent innovations, and one that we are very proud of, is our mobile integration. Our mobile wireless solutions are perfect for app developers and can merge seamlessly with almost any online application. It is important that your business moves forward with growing technological trends, and it is important that we do too. 

At Shaw Merchant Group we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers and offering them the best payment solutions for their business. Our payment solutions will allow you to offer your clients the best customer services possible and the best flexibility within your industry.

We can offer you and your business a full range of electronic payment processing systems that can be fully supported by a complete range of E-commerce, Check Verification and Point of Sale Equipment, software and hardware. 

So get in contact with Shaw Merchant Group today and start to build and expand your business the way you always dreamed of.

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