Medical Marijuana Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing

Merchant accounts are used daily in business in our ever increasing cashless society. Marijuana, as many people know, has been legalized in certain states in the US. It is used for various reasons to treat specific illnesses. Applying for a merchant account can be simple and straight forward if you speak to the write people.

Marijuana Merchant Account (AKA: Shaw Merchant Group) is an establishment that is well-known for its effective payment processing plan. They are 100% legal and have proven to be a secure source on the same level as much larger businesses. Dispensaries in general have been always been faced with the challenge of credit card payments. Now with the introduction of Medical Marijuana Merchant Accounts, they have made it possible to offer payment processing services. It is now possible for the customer to accept the convenience fee when paying at a point of sale machine and there is no charge to the merchant.

The merchant advisers at Shaw Merchant Group (Marijuana Merchant Account) are available to answer all your questions to assist your business in reaching its financial goals. They offer clients various options to allow them to accept more types of payments than ever before. Their simple application process with low rates has made them one of the most efficient on the internet. They also provide great customer services to ensure you are happy with your selection.

Consumers do not want to waste their time and money by drawing out cash from an ATM machine to be able to donate. Donating at a point of sale outlet has always been the easier option. Thanks to their solutions, it is now possible for only a small convenience fee of one or two dollars. Wireless solutions include swiping your card and entering you pin and through a PCI compliant device, you’ll be able to access your account. This is just simple method of paying for you goods at the till.  Shaw Merchant Group is made up of dedicated professionals who are experts in setting up merchant accounts. All types of establishments and enterprises in various shapes and sizes need to be able to create merchant accounts. This will allow the business to take on credit card payments for these merchant accounts. Basically when the money is paid to the business and the commission will be deducted for the company that set up the account. Once the payment is verified it can be sent to the respective accounts.

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