High Risk Businesses: Bank Loans, Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing

It is often difficult to find the best credit card processors for high risk businesses. A lot of the larger merchant account providers refuse to process transactions for high risk businesses and this can seriously deplete your options. A mistake that is often made, is that because the number of merchant account providers who will accept a high risk business is so low, many merchants stop at the first one that will accept them, instead of researching and finding an experienced provider who specializes in high risk businesses. This can end up being a problem in the long run as high risk businesses are more likely to have to deal with charge backs, fund holds, and excessively high rates than lower risk businesses.

Shaw Merchant Group can help you get the cash you need to get your business up and running. Within as little as 72 hours of applying with Shaw Merchant Group, you can have your money and be building or expanding your business

Need a Business Loan for a High Risk Business?

Getting a bank loan is a lengthy and time consuming process. The application process is rigorous and approvals can take weeks to happen. There are also often start up fees, and the need for a personal guarantee wherein you take personal responsibility for repaying the loan. You may also need to provide collateral, meaning that you could lose your house or your business if the strict repayment rules are not met.

With Shaw MerchantGroup however you can get an approval of your application within as little as 72 hours. The application process is quick and easy to navigate. There are absolutely no start up fees, or hidden fees, and you are not held personally responsible. There is also no need to provide collateral. It is that simple. No hassle, no fuss, just a quick and easy way to get you and your business the money that you need to start making money. 

We believe in offering competitive rates and minimal fees so that our customers can continue to be as profitable as possible. It is important for any business to offer the best customer service and payment flexibility it can, and at Shaw Merchant Group that is exactly what we strive to provide our customers with.

For high risk businesses, bank loans are often not an option either. But Shaw Merchant Group have experience and expertise with high risk business ventures and can advise you on the best course of action for your merchant account and other business needs. Shaw Merchant Group work in a variety of different industries and can offer mail, retail, online, and wireless payment processing.

Our experience in multiple industries, including experience working with high risk businesses, will help us to help you, no matter what company does. Get in contact with Shaw Merchant Group today and avoid any unnecessary fees, long waits, and rejected applications.
It takes money to make money, and with Shaw Merchant Group, we have you covered.

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