Wireless Processing Solutions

Our wireless processing solutions are perfect for any business interested in offering payment options through wireless applications and devices. If you're an app developer or you are interested in developing an application for which your users could pay for goods and services directly from their mobile device, we can integrate wireless payment processing solutions at competitive monthly fees.

Creating a wireless payment solution for a mobile application or uniting each one of your sales staff or employees with the option to handle payment processing directly from their mobile phones, can revolutionize your business. We can work to make a smart phone into a point-of-sale processing tool. With the ability to accept most major credit cards at industry low rates, you can increase your profitability as a business and offer a better level of customer service with payment flexibility the likes of which your customers will appreciate.
With the app market booming, and with more and more applications turning to the sale of digital content, it's important that you find a great payment provider so that your application can remain its most profitable. If you are developing a game or an application that needs professional and secure payment processing we can integrate our payment processing solutions directly into your application so that you can begin processing payments today. 
Our wireless processing solutions may well be the future of payment processing in our industry and we're excited to offer easy integration with low fees as well as access to free wireless terminals that can be used across multiple smart phone devices. With no sign-up fees to start the only fees you need to worry about are the transaction and rates which are detailed on our fee structure page.

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