Merchant Services Agent Program

Merchant Services Agent Program with North American Bancard

SMG has partnered with North American Bancard to be able to offer the industry's best all around "merchant services agent program" on the planet. North American Bancard Agent Program is one of the nations largest and fastest growing merchant services providers in the U.S. NAB started as a small company with less then 20 employees in 1992. Now NAB has over 700 employees and processes over 17 billion in transactions annually.

The main reason behind the success of North American Bancard is simply their sales partners, ISOs, and independent agents. They have gained this success by taking good care of their partners with unmatched compensation and award winning products and services. NAB currently has over 3000 sales partners that can attest to this.

We made NAB our primary processing company for our merchant services agents for all the above reasons and also because the are an A+ BBB rated company. NAB has a trustworthy name in the industry and you can rest assured that NAB is the best merchant services ISO program you can find.

You will get full sales support and customer service for your merchants. Basically you handle the selling of the merchant accounts and we handle the rest. You will have a personal ISO support rep that can help you with operations and a regional sales manager that will assist with sales related questions or if you need help closing an account.

With NAB's merchant services ISO program you will be able to offer the latest equipment and software on the market all at no cost to the merchant. There is no leasing, no upfront cost, and no contract for your merchant. Get all these benefits and get huge upfront bonuses up to $1000 per account and a 50/50 up to 65/35 residual split. This is a true residual split with the industry's lowest buy rate at 1.5 cents.

If you are an experienced agent and can bring on 30 accounts in your first 3 months as an agent with NAB you will get a $3000 bonus on top of your regular bonuses. NAB also has regular sales contest every month that change.

NAB is also changing the game by offering a medical insurance reimbursement of 50% up to $300 as long as your maintaining 10 merchant accounts per month or more.

Please go to our North American Bancard Agent Program website to apply with NAB.

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