Do I need Credit Card Processing Leads to be successful?

Could you be more successful as a Merchant Services ISO if you were to use lead generation or an appointment setting service? In the "credit card processing lead generation" world you need to be very careful who you have generating these merchant processing leads for you or your company. I have been generating my own credit card processing leads now for well over 6 years and I can tell you the pros and cons of credit card processing leads.

There are many lead generation companies out there that will claim to have the best quality leads for you to purchase. Quality credit card processing leads can range anywhere from $25 to $200 per lead depending on quality and the type of merchant. The best why to purchase leads if you decide to go that way is to buy exclusive leads that are not sold to other credit card processing companies. Most of the time when you are buying leads from lead generation companies you will find that the lead that you are buying is being sold 5 to 10 times to other sales people. As you can see this makes the percentage of getting that account closed very low. The main problem is that the merchant gets a ton of calls and in many cases simply will avoid your call.

Short term I see sales people that use merchant processing leads to be successful in this business. I also see these people burn out rather quickly. As I mentioned in an earlier post about merchant services appointment setting the key to long term success in the credit card processing industry is to be able to network and generate your own leads. This is a much more cost effective way of going about your day to day operations and leads to long term success in the merchant processing business.

So lets face it having leads can be a very nice benefit but it can also hinder your success in the merchant services business. Like I said, the best way to ensure your getting business on a daily basis is to go business to business generating your own merchant leads through referrals, networking and circle of influence. I find that a great tool for being able to generate fresh leads is Sales Genie. This product gives you all the info you will need about a business and who you need to talk to. The "Total Merchant Services ISO Program" provides this tool for free if you are and agent with them.

Please feel free to contact us about Credit Card Processing Leads or any other questions you may have.

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